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Fast Analysis

There's a place in the world for traditional sampling. The traditional way with a VOC Canister is always going to be around. It is a solid method we use when called for. But there are drawbacks.

First, traditional sampling is expensive.

Second, traditional sampling is slow. The canister must remain in place in the testing area for 8 hours simply to capture a sample. This means two trips for the tech, because he places it, then must return to collect it. And when he returns, he will be picking up several samples, because it takes multiple canisters to do a house. More canisters mean higher costs.

After collection, the sample goes to the laboratory to be analyzed. More time lost. Let's hope the lab isn't backed up. Sometimes it is backed up, in the event of a spill, or other alarm that threatens and galvanizes a whole community to action.

But we have a faster method using realtime technology. With our equipment we can go from room to room, and evaluate EVERY ROOM IN AN ENTIRE HOUSE, sometimes in less than an hour. Our state of the art analysis technology enables us to detect Formaldehyde and Benzene ON SITE IMMEDIATELY!

Of course, the test can be backed up by sampling also, if the client wishes and if time permits.

Every second is important when you're living in a toxic house.
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