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Call 1-800-686-1992––
We Return Calls 7 Days a Week

In the struggle to achieve an environment with no toxic substance threats there are often opponents that seem undefeatable. Each individual may face a different foe:
  • Pollution from insensitive corporations with seemingly unlimited legal resources
  • Life-threatening disease that is believed to be caused by unverified toxins
  • Potent poisons from innocuous-appearing mildew.
  • Even the inventive machinations of Mother Nature...

George Hatcher’s Toxic Team is ready to meet the challenge--your challenge.

Each member is a trained specialist in a field of contaminant sampling, microscopic examination, and/or paralegal investigations.

The many ways we can help--the numerous essential services we offer--are of two types: the first refers to human hostiles; the second to mold or contaminants.

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